Going away to college is a big step in your academic career. Choosing a college or university is also important as it will be the place where you will be spending the next 3-4 years honing your skills and knowledge in your chosen field.

With this in mind, Global Professor Rank is a website dedicated to serving everyone looking for a college campus find the right school that can meet all their demands.

Global Professor Rank’s main goal is to make finding the best school for your college career easier and more accessible by providing readers everything they need to know about each campus.

It is the largest network of colleges and professors in India and other countries. The website offers everything you need to know about the campus with its review and star rating system.

Each campus is star rated according to the following:

  • Reputation
  • Library
  • Social
  • Location
  • Internet
  • Campus

Aside from the star ranking, each page also the year the school was established and a short description that gives comprehensive information about the school including the programs offered. This helps potential students gauge whether or not the school’s values and program line up to their expectation.

In order to keep the website’s information fresh, readers are encouraged to leave feedback for the schools. This helps other readers to get a feel for the school straight from another student with firsthand experience from the facility. Other information available on each school’s page include:

  • Address
  • Contact numbers
  • Website
  • Location map
  • Gallery
  • Tuition

In fact, international students who are looking to enter a campus in another country can make use of the website’s features to make their admission easier.

The website also offers a complete breakdown of each school’s admission process. So that when a student finds a school he wants to enter, he can prepare everything he needs beforehand.

When you use Global Professor rank, you will save time and effort when doing your research about the school you want to enter.

Aside from parents and students, professors looking for new places to teach can take advantage of the website’s services. As it can give them an idea on what kind of environment to expect in each school.

he best part is that the website will always be free for use as it is a firm belief of the founders that school information should be available to everyone.

How to use the website

Using Global Professor Rank is easy. In just a few minutes, all available information about your dream school will be available on your computer screen. Here’s how to use the website:

  • Search bar. Already have a school in mind? Use the search bar on top of the home page to go directly to the school of your choice.
  • Search filter. If you’re still undecided on where you want to take up your higher education, you can use the search filter to make it easier for you to find a right fit. Already know a program you want to enroll in? Use the “browse colleges by type” filter to see the schools offering the program you are interested in.
    Still don’t know what program but you know which state you want to study? Then use the “browse colleges by states” filter. Choose a state, and browse through the different colleges in the state that you think will be a good fit for your future.
  • Search results. The search results consist of an overview of each school. With the institution’s name, address, website and contact number available in the preview. This gives readers the general information they need to know about the school before choosing to scroll past or click on the school’s page.
  • Check the school’s page. When the reader has chosen a school they think is a perfect fit, they can click on the school’s page, browse through their gallery to see the campus and read the description and reviews left by other students, professors and parents alike.
  • Contact school. Once you’ve chosen a school, you can choose to email or call their administration to ask about enrollment dates or to ask them any other concerns you may have about the admission process.
  • Enroll and leave feedback. After you are admitted into the school and have had your own experiences, leave your feedback on the school’s page so other students can get the same idea on what to expect once they enter your chosen school.

A College or university just for you

Trying to find a university or college program that is in line with your future plans can be hard. But with Global Professor Rank, it is not easier for you to find the college or university that is offering the program of your choice. All without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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