Things to Keep in Mind while Applying for Engineering Courses in India

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The road to success starts from the choices you make regarding your education. One of such

most sought after professional courses in India is engineering, because of its close association

with success. It is not only the learning, but the respect and life security that comes hand in

hand with the course, that pushes the young minds of the country to choose this option.

Commonly referred to as B.Tech (Bachelors of Technology), students are required to undertake

this rigorous four year course for being known as engineers. However, there are a few things

that every student must keep in mind while applying for engineering courses in the country.

First question that you must ask yourself is, “Do I know what field I want to specialize in?” With

engineering comes the great responsibility of being a master of a specific discipline. If your aims

include being the Jack of all trades and master of none, then this field is not for you. From the

multiple traditional options like electrical, computer science and chemical and contemporary

options like petroleum and biomedical, you need to first choose the field that interests you the

most. Once your question is answered satisfactorily, you need to select colleges that are well

known for the field selected by you. IITs, BITS and NIT are definitely the first choices for all

students, but do you really think it is simple to get into the top college of a country with a

population of over 1.2 billion? My suggestion is to keep your options open. Short-listing ten to

fifteen colleges on the basis of their faculty and quality of research in the chosen discipline, fees

and scholarships, proximity to home and provision of other facilities such as hostels, canteens

etc. is a must for all you aspiring students out there to ensure you don’t waste your crucial


Sounds simple right? Well, unfortunately it is not because the difficult part emerges once you

are done selecting colleges where you want to apply. Be ready to take multiple exams, some of

the main ones being JEE Main and Advanced, AIEEE, BITSAT, NAT and GATE. I am sure you must

have guessed it by now that different colleges accept scores of different exams and entrance

tests for enrolling students. So, another reason why you need to shortlist colleges well in

advance is that you can decide on the tests that are essential for you to start your journey

towards being an engineer.

While most of these colleges have online admissions facility, you might be required to visit

some colleges individually, especially if you are looking at state colleges and it is definitely a

smart move to factor it in while selecting colleges so that you do not waste time and money

later. There are various coaching classes that prepare you for these entrance exams, but my

suggestion would be to start early, start on your own and then join classes for subject that are

difficult for you. This will make you a better and an attentive learner. Once you have the results

of the tests, you can chose from the options available to you and bam you start one long,

interesting and fulfilling journey of hard work. But, don’t forget to follow the basic mantra of all

engineers, have fun!

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