Top 10 Unconventional Professions In India

Top 10 Unconventional Professions in India


The biggest question in every teenager’s head, reaching their 20’s, is probably the same. “Which way to go after school?”, “Which profession shall I adopt?”. The best path is often the one which you think you can excel at. However, a little guidance always comes in handy.

Some of us don’t even know we have amazing options lined up. And that’s because we are in a habit of being hurled into some of the most known options. Furthermore, money is all that we see as important. However, it’s important to realize that these typical options are the most traveled ones. Hence, they’re saturated.

You have major labels that are willing to take unconventional approaches because the old model is crumbling in front of us.

–  Macklemore

Despite all that, this doesn’t mean you are stuck in a vicious circle. And with this in mind, we have come up with a list of some interesting career options, which lead to some of the most amazing professions.

1.  Architecture

Do you ever look at those skyscrapers or lavish mansions are wonder how much we have evolved to build something like that? Well, it’s doesn’t have much to do with evolution. That’s architecture. If you like maths but don’t want to go for the monotonous engineering, this is it. Another shiny aspect of adopting this option is that you can work as a freelancer once you gain enough experience.

Recommended Institutes:

School of Planning & Architecture (Delhi).

NIT (Raipur).

NIT (Trichy).

Indian Institute of Technology (Roorkee)

2.  Archaeology

Are you the kind who loves reading about ancient history, but thinks it doesn’t have a very good professional career? And, also if collecting antiques is your hobby, archaeology might be of your interest. It is one of the most interesting professions which takes you places. On the other hand, the money and the perks in it aren’t bad as well.

Recommended Institutes:

Maharaj Sayajirao University of Baroda

Banaras Hindu University

Institute of Archaeology (under Archaeological Survey of India

3.   Food Technology

If you love food and the process of making it too, accept this profession with open arms. Emerging rapidly, food technology is much needed in India to eliminate problems related to Storage, Food-borne diseases, Wastage etc. Technical as well as managerial education is provided in this field.

Recommended Institutes:

CFTRI (Mysore)

NDRI (Gurgaon)

IICPT (Thanjavur)

4.  Fashion Designing

Channelize your thoughts into something creative. After all, abstract is the new trend. Fashion designing is rapidly catching popularity as a new and reliable profession. In addition, it has a very dynamic atmosphere for growth. It is the proof that not only logical minds flourish, the creative ones also do. Besides, as the e-commerce sector is taking over the market at a great pace, more and more fashion houses are tying up with these e-commerce giants. Fashion designing has always had huge scope, but in coming years, we might witness the peek of it.

Recommended Institutes:

NIFT (Delhi)

National Institute of Design (IIT Bombay)

PEARL academy (Delhi)

NIIFT (Mohali)

NIFT (Mumbai)

5.  Hotel Management

Hotel Management is the first choice for those who are interested in hospitality. A good thing is that this field branches into many after the initial phase. Another appealing factor is that it involves direct interaction with the consumers. With a hospitality management degree you can step into Accommodation management, Restaurant management, Catering services, Hotel Manager, Event management, culinary arts and many more. However, starting a restaurant of your own after few years of relevant experience, in particular, is the safest place to be.

Recommended Institutes:

IHM Mumbai

IHM Pusa

IHM Kolkata

IHM Bangalore

IHM Chennai

IHM Aurangabad

IHMCT Trivandrum

Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development Delhi.

6.  Journalism

Waiting on the world to change? Well, brace up and enter the field of journalism and create a voice of your own.

Journalism is probably the most striking profession for those with an iconoclast attitude. It takes you beyond the limits of communication. You can become a voice that hundreds of thousands might follow. As well as, in recent years, electronic media has widened the possibilities of awareness to an extent where everyone seeks information. Journalism is a highly sought profile these days and there’s no better way to present your opinion among the masses.

Recommended Institutes:

IIMC Delhi

XIC Mumbai



MICA Ahmedabad

IIJNM Bangalore

7.  Film Making

Film making is no run-of-the-mill and everyone knows that. It is one of the most celebrated professions among all. If your dream job is taking an idea and developing it into something massively effective, film making might be the end of your quest. Film makers have basically two things to look out for. First of all, coming up with good content. Secondly, directly sending out a message to the masses. And the impact is big enough, especially on the youth.

Recommended Institutes:

Film and Television Institute of India (Pune)

SRFTI (Kolkata)

National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad)

Government Film and Television Institute (Bangalore)

8.  Animation Designing

Creating a world out of your imagination was something that used to be limited to you, until Animation designing happened. Animation is a new, unexplored field which is gradually gaining popularity. Notably, the increasing demand in this field has given birth to a number of institutes providing professional degree in this field. So, as long as you’re enrolled in a good animation institute, you need not to worry about the integrity of this profession.

Recommended Institutes:

Symbiosis Institute of Design (Pune)

Srishti School of Arts

9.  Photography

Photography is the art of observing with own your perception and presenting it to the world in the very same way. Although, it is still not a very trusted career in India, it is undoubtedly the most fun job ever. It involves travelling, exploring, interacting and much more. In the recent times, people have started seeing it as something more than just a portfolio photographer. And notably, freelance options are also open which make as good money as full-time does.

10.  Digital Marketing

Not to mention, this profession has become a popular career choice among youth, as well as part-time for many. Due to the recent surge in the number of people looking for solutions, online, Digital Marketing has gained much recognition as a profession, among the youth. In addition, any new business has to be established online first. So, there is high demand of dynamic people who can dedicate their time to this work. And with relevant training and courses, Digital marketing is one of the highly unconventional professions of all.


Even if a plethora of options are there at your disposal, identifying your requirements regarding your career is important. Seek expert advice of parents or counselors and gather information about the not-so-apparent aspect of these professions. And we assure you, you would never regret an informed choice.





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