8 Bulls-eye Tips for Interview Preparation

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How to Prepare for an Interview

Are you among one of those people who dread the word ‘Interview’? Do you wonder how for some people it’s a cakewalk, but a spine-chiller for you? Then this piece of write-up is exclusively for you.

Interview, in simpler words, is a measure of suitability of a person for a job/role. Although, your scorecard might give you a good launch initially, trust us when we say your scores have the least to do how your interview is going to turn out. A psychopath could be good with grades too. You never know.

There are certain qualities that interviewers look for, in you, and your best bet is to either have those imbibed in you, or make the panel believe in that ephemeral moment, that you do possess them. Here are 7 tips to help you with that and get you through with flying colors:

Know The Organization

People often find themselves in awkward situations when they are asked about the same organization they are there for. Get an idea of what the organization deals with and the factors involved. Don’t mug up the entire corporate structure, but a little ‘know how’ of the organization would be in order. Make sure you go through any recent news pertaining to the organization.

Get Your Concepts Straight

The technical part of the interview is usually smaller. But at the same time, it is the most crucial too. There might not be many questions related to your subject, but the ones that are asked are put up to check whether you are technically prepared for the job or not. Also, it speaks about how sincere you have been in one of the most important times of your life. So, do study about the concepts that you might need to apply in the organization you are going to work for.

Be Aware

You either drive or get driven during an interview. And the former is better.

An aware candidate has to put least effort to drive an interview because his/her answers don’t reach a dead end. And that’s because they aren’t framed. Always have an opinion about what’s happening around you. It is very important for getting the conversation flowing during an interview. Read newspaper daily, especially of the day of your interview.

Take Adequate Rest

Be assured that you’ll be putting the great opportunity to sleep, if you end up looking drowsy during the interview. Recruiters won’t buy into you looking dejected in an such an important situation. Adequate amount of sleep is, hence, one of the paramount factors that contribute to your success. Take at least 6 hours of sleep before the day of interview, so that you score at least a point for how sharp and perceptible you looked all the time.

Look Presentable

As a recruiter, would you hire a person who entered the room looking like an absolute mess? Or a person overly jacked up? The answer in both the cases would be ‘probably not’. Too much refinement makes you cautious and too less makes you under-confident for obvious reasons. Your dressing sense for a formal interview denotes how well you are ready to follow the protocols.

Be Confident

And when we say be confident, we don’t mean you should have to have a ‘007’ body language. Just be confident in your skin. Have faith in the fact that you have come so far facing whatever came your way and you did a commendable job, handling everything like a pro. Trust what you know and that you are going to present it in whatever way you are comfortable with.

The First Impression

Even though originality is always preferred, body language and first impression play a significant role in getting you there. Enter the room with a subtle smile, greet the panel evenly and no matter how casual they’re trying to play, always ask for permission to sit. Maintain a healthy eye contact, but don’t look like you’re staring. Remember ‘First impression is the Last impression’ doesn’t get any truer than in an interview.

Do You Know Yourself?

Most people are surprised when they find themselves unable to answer this question. And if you think this question is not very important, think again. This question is asked to break the ice and hence, it is very important to briefly answer this question to avoid an obscure interview. Try to narrate more about yourself to open lead the conversation into multiple dimensions. And a longer interview means more engagement, which in turn means better chances of success.

Interview, in layman language, is a formal conversation between you and the recruiter, which is actually a test of your personality. However, being a human, you might not always be at the top of your game. Even if you can’t clear the interview, the experience matters a lot. Take note of your mistakes, work upon them and above all, don’t give up.

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