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Our laboratory in JNU is actively engaged in studying the unique characteristics of DNA replication and cell cycle regulation in two medically important pathogens, Plasmodium falciparum and Helicobacter pylori. Both these pathogens are extremely important although poorly understood from the basic biology point. Not a single effective vaccine is available for either of these pathogens. There are reports of drug resistant strains too. Our aim is to find the key regulators in DNA replication processes so that we can identify potential targets for therapy. The DNA replication process offers various important and interesting targets for new inhibitors development. Understanding the mechanism of initiation of DNA replication in P. falciparum and H. pylori will be useful in finding new targets for screening new antibiotics to eradicate these pathogens. We have already identified two such targets PfGyrase for P. falciparum and HpDnaB helicase for H. pylori.

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