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My research interests cover a broad range of issues concerning corporate finance and capital markets. Most of my research has been empirical. Over a period of time my research interests have evolved from stock market efficiency to mutual funds to analyzing stock market reaction to various events like announcement of ESOPs, capital expenditure decisions, share buy-backs, stock splits, earnings, mergers, changes in composition of index, section switching etc. I have also looked into insider trading on the Indian stock markets. My research in the area of mutual funds was focused on their performance evaluation, valuation of illiquid securities, corporate governance issues and raising questions on policy matters. My research published in the Business Standard -titled ??????The Art of Mutual Back-Scratching and Mutual Funds: Where??????s the Public Money? showed for the first time, several rampant malpractices prevalent in the mutual fund industry despite stringent laws which explicitly prohibit the same and called for punitive action by SEBI. It showed how the mutual funds were being managed like proprietary funds. The research gained wide attention and probably was the precursor in bringing out new laws by SEBI to check those unethical practices.

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