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Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the portal. These are the official Terms of Use Agreement for the website, globalprofessorrank.com and it is assumed that every individual visiting this website accepts them in full. Please ensure that you read the entire terms and conditions. In case of any form of disagreement regarding the defined terms, the individual is request to kindly not make use of the website.

  • I. Cookies: Every individual visiting the website,www.globalprofessorrank.com, accepts the cookies policy of the website.

  • II. Intellectual Property Rights: The intellectual property rights of this website and even the content and materials used by it, are only owned by Global Professor Rank. The users can only make use of the content for personal use but not exceeding the limits as defined according to the subsequent conditions: a) Republishing of the content generated and published on this website on any other online, print or digital media platform, b) Any commercial use of content downloaded or copied from the website, c) Any form of duplication of study or survey conducted by the website and d) sub-licensing the products owned and launched by the website. The website also has the right to remove any content posted by a user.

  • III. Trademark: Prior permission must be taken from the managing company in order to use the trademark of globalprofessorrank.com in any commercial or non-commercial way.

  • IV. Data Mining: Prior permission must be taken from the managing company in order to carry out any data mining activities such as crawling and scrapping on the website.

  • V. Users: The private information of the users used during account creation process would be protected by the website. The users however need to accept all terms and conditions while registering on the website and would be liable for any activity carried out with the account.

  • VI. Deactivation of accounts: If you wish to deactivate your user account on the website at any time for any reason, you can do so by clicking on the deactivation option in your account and if you are not able to do so, please contact on the details given in the Contact Us section for deactivation.

  • VII. Language: Users must not make use of any offensive or foul language in any section of the website and www.globalprofessorrank.com has all the rights to delete any such content.

  • VIII. Limitation of Liability: globalprofessorrank.com is not liable for any comment or ranking given by the users, as they are entitled to their own opinions. The website is not responsible and cannot be held accountable for information that is provided by the users, which can be students, professors, educational institutions etc. It is hence advised to the visitors to verify all information available on the website before taking them into any form of consideration. Globalprofessorrank.com also cannot be held responsible for any system damage or loss caused due to any harmful virus or software.

  • IX. Advertisements and external risks: globalprofessorrank.com cannot be held accountable for the content and damage of external links present on the website or linked to the advertisements on the website.

  • X. Changes in terms and conditions: Globalprofessorrank.com has all the rights to change, add or remove any or all portions of these terms and conditions at any time and it is assumed that people coming to the portal accept these changes.

  • XI. Any claims relating to your use of the site and these Terms and conditions is subject to exclusive jurisdiction in the court of ------------------------------------

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